Shameless plugging

Please buy Sniff Petrol’s new book

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Sniff Petrol has lovingly crafted the words to a brand new book called The Top Gear Drivers’ Handbook.

If you watch Top Gear only because you fancy Richard Hammond and think James May has sweet hair, this probably isn’t the book for you. If, on the other hand, you like this website you will almost certainly enjoy the Drivers’ Handbook since it has almost nothing to do with the TV show and is actually a bit silly and strange.

In fact, you should buy a copy now before the publisher realises they’ve made a terrible mistake and withdraws all copies in favour of a massive picture of Jeremy Clarkson pretending to set fire to stuff.

The Top Gear Drivers’ Handbook is in bookshops now, or you can order a half price copy from the nice people at Amazon by making a clicking action here