Crazy Dave

Crazy Dave at Silverstone 2011

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Och aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave cimin’ atcha live from the box of comm. wit’ ma buddy Marty B. Mmm, this shit be workin’ out betta than anyone expected. So this weekend we slide on over to tha Stone that is Silver fo’ tha muthafunkin’ British Gee Pee. Man, they got some bad ass new facilities goin’ down. I jus’ hope it don’ look dated in ten years time, fo’ shiddly shizz.

So come tha qualificatiation, all tha teams, they be arguin’ and dissin’ cuz of tha dispute wit’ tha exhausts and ting. Shee-it. Crazy D never have this problem when it comes to gettin’ he’s diffuser blown, know wha’am sayin’? Hot diggedy.

So tha teams get their shizz together but then tha clouds open and it be rainin’ like a bad ass. That be what we call a lotta inches of Scottish sunshine. Yea, Crazy D jus’ made a funny. Deal wit’ it. Ma Brit buddies Jenny B and Tha Ham, they ain’t havin’ so much fun out there but mad props to ma homie P diddy Resta who slam it on tha six slot, Scotchland stylee. Fo’ sho’.

Come tha five an’ out, things be all shook up. My boys Sebby V and Tha Web ain’t be getting’ it all they’s own way cuz tha boy Nando by all up in they griddle and when they be havin’ some bad shit goin’ down with they’s stops, that ‘Rari be flyin’ by. Things be even worse fo’ ma bro Jenny B cuz he be havin’ some problem with he nuts. Y’all gotta check ‘em regularly fellas, know wha’am sayin’. Then we got Tha Ham who ain’t takin’ no shee-it from tha boy Philly Mass and be runnin’ it crazy to tha line, fo’ shiddly.

Come tha triple height pop ‘n’ piss, Tha Nando be on tha top step wit’ Sebby V and Tha Web close behind, but Marky Mark ain’t be happy cuz Tha C Horn gone tell he to let Tha V Man take tha two slot. That be some bad team morale shee-it goin’ down right there and lemme tell you right now, that don’t be the kind of shee-it that Crazy D would put up wit’.

Of course, if the issue was making an agreement to let Mika Hakkinen past then I would have been only too happy to comply with my team mate’s request.