Crazy Dave

Crazy D in Singapore 2011

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Och aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha from tha commentary box, spittin’ out some sweet rhymes and some phat analysis. Fo’ shizz.

So las’ weekend we slide on over Singapo’ side fo’ tha muthafunkin’ Gee Pee of tha night. That be some heavily lit shit right there. My boy Sebby V, he gotta a chance of winnin’ the whole muthaflippin’ world championship there. He just need certain other things to happen but Crazy D ain’t gonna get bogged down in all that math. All y’all need to know is that some shit be goin’ down. Fo’ shizzam.

Tha V, he stick on tha one slot, same as usual, wit’ ma buddy M Web on tha two. Come tha five and out, Sebby V, he be movin’ faster than Crazy D’s tighty whitey jeans across a discotheque. But tings ain’t so good fo’ Tha Web man cuz he make another “special start”. Come on brother, learn how to use a muthafunkin’ clutch. Fo’ shizzizzidy.

So cuz M Web be slow off the line, ma boy Jenny B be rollin’ in tha two hole, and ma main man Da Ham be layin’ down some serious pace in tha field. But then some bad shit go down, cuz Da Ham be smackin’ into ma homie Filly M and bustin’ up theys rides. Man, that Filly kid, he gotta speed up or get tha funk out. He a worse lame ass seat blocker than Crazy D in he McLaren days. Fo’ shizzazzitwazzle.

Come tha three step spray ‘n’ smile, Sebby V be on tha one slot but wit’ Jenny B and M Web on tha twos an’ threes, and wit’ Tha Nando takin’ tha fo’, Tha V ain’t tha Wo’ Cham’ yet. Cuz in this muthaforkin’ season, it ain’t over until Crazy D say it be. Fo’ shizzigizzywiddle.

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