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Crazy Dave in Japan 2011

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Och aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave spittin’ some mad ass commentating flavas from tha booth wit’ Marty B. Hot diggety. So las’ weekend we slide on over Far East side fo’ tha Japanese Grand Prix and this be some exciting shit fo’ ma buddy Sebby V cuz he need jus’ one point to seal the muthafunkin’ deal on another driver’s championshizzle. Mo’ figgity.

The only cat tha’s gonna stop that goin’ down is ma boy J Butt and that brother got some bad ass statistical improbability workin’ against him. Sho’ enough, Tha V Man stick it on tha one slot fo’ tha five an’ out but then durin’ tha race he be havin’ some bad shit goin’ down wit’ tha rubber. That don’ be a problem for Crazy D cuz he be prepared when he be wit’ a laydee. Know wha’am sayin’? Bo’ shizzididdy.

While ma boy Da Ham be tusslin’ again wit’ tha pussy ass order follower Filly M, Tha Butt Master be pullin’ some smooth moves to keep it one side and come tha three step fizz ‘n’ flash he be takin’ tha tall trophy. But that ain’t enough to deny Sebby V he’s second muthaflippety driver’s title. Nuff respec’ to tha V Man, cuz that be some good drivin’ throughout tha year an’ shit. Go’ biggedizzizle.

However, there are still four races to go in this season and there’s still plenty of exciting racing yet to come in 2011 which you’ll be able to watch live, only on the BBC.