Toyota reveals new sports car details

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Toyota has revealed fresh details about the ashtray it will fit in its forthcoming rear-wheel drive sports car, codenamed FT-86. Naturally, the Japanese company wants to keep some details of the ashtray a secret for now, but it has confirmed that the ashtray will be made of plastic and will have a lid.

For the first time, Sniff Petrol can reveal that we were given exclusive access to the ashtray during a top secret Toyota test session back in May. This was very much a development ashtray and key details such as the lift-out insert and the underneath bit were kept under wraps but we were permitted to play with the lid a couple of times and we can report that it had a crisp, short travel action and felt highly responsive. The ashtray engineers were keen to stress that they still had work to do on the texture of the lid but on the evidence we saw it seemed to be quite nice, even though we weren’t allowed to look at it directly.

Meanwhile Subaru, the lead development partner in the FT-86 project, has let slip some tantalising details about the door pockets that will be fitted to its version of the exciting new coupe. A spokesman claimed that these pockets will be slightly more accommodating than those fitted to Toyota’s version of the car and will be capable of taking ‘just under one bottle of water, a sunglasses case and a load of old sticky parking tickets that have gone a bit curly’.

Toyota is not saying anything about its car’s door pockets but has promised that next week it will reveal some exclusive details concerning the FT-86’s upper seat belt mounting point adjustment knob. A Toyota spokesman later denied that his company was revealing the FT-86 ‘too slowly’ and that there was ‘no need’ for them to stop pissing about and just show us the fucking car.