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Buy Sniff Petrol’s new TG book

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Wondering what to ask for this Christmas? Like Top Gear? Wondering what to give a relative this Christmas? Don’t care if they like Top Gear or not, the ungrateful bastards? Well good news! Sniff Petrol has written a new Top Gear book in league with the very excellent David Quantick, writer of many funny things including TV Burp.

The book is called A Top Gear Christmas and it’s packed full of all the usual bollocks you’d expect from the world’s favourite programme that used to be about cars including Clarkson’s opinion powered hot air balloon, Hammond’s guide to cooking for Brummies, May’s disastrous stint as a department store Santa, a whole cartoon strip based on The Interceptors thing that was on the TV this year and much, much more.

You can buy it from the nice people at Amazon by making with the click, here.