A Top Gear superfan writes…

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Brent Laymer is the founding and only member of the West Idaho Top Gear Appreciation Club. He regularly posts on under the user name CaptainSoawesome.

So that was it, season 18 of Top Gear. As a huge Top Gear fan who has watched every show over 14 times each what can I say except, man, that was a let down. I hated it. Sure, it wasn’t as bad as the hateful season 16 but it was a long, long way from season 10, which I also hated.

Everything was so scripted, you could just tell that it was read from a script that had been scripted and I hated that. I thought Top Gear had gotten bad enough for scripted scripting from a script in season 16 – which I hated – but this last season was so clearly scripted that even the parts that weren’t clearly scripted were clearly scripted. Sure, I don’t want a return to the low point of the awful, clearly scripted season 14, but why can’t the presenters and producers remember how to make a season like season 12, which was scripted and which I hated.

Why can’t Top Gear just test regular cars and tell us relevant information like 1/4 mile times and lateral Gs? Give us more information about the motor too. They got close in seasons 1 and 2, both of which I hated. Another thing; lose the star in a reasonably priced car unless it’s someone who genuinely loves cars such as Jay Kay or Rowan Atkinson or Jay Kay or Rowan Atkinson or Jay Kay or Rowan Atkinson. Those guys were great guests, although I fast forwarded through their interviews because I hate them.

The whole point of Top Gear can be summed up by so many classic moments, all of which I hated. I just wish the production team would take some time to look back on all those things they’ve created that live on in the public consciousness, and which personally I hated. I don’t use up my parents’ bandwidth to illegally download this show and then watch it over and over again for nothing. I do it because Top Gear is one of the most popular TV shows ever made and because I hate it.

Come on BBC, I don’t pay my licence fee to watch this crap. I don’t pay my licence fee at all, but if I did I would write even more stuff on the internet about how much Top Gear needs to change because I hate it. Make the show that its fans want to see. And don’t make it like Top Gear. I hate Top Gear.