An F1 driver writes…



Arnoux Monotono is a Formula 1 driver

For sure the first race was a good result for us and the car is working perfectly. I think our position was a disappointment and is because, you know, there are many problems with the car. The guys at the factory did a great job and the car, it felt quick in Australia. The car does not feel on the pace and, you know, maybe that’s why we are being left behind.

For sure I am totally looking forward to this weekend in Malaysia, it’s a great track and it should suit us, especially since the guys have worked so hard to adjust the set-up. Also, I should say that this is not one of my favourite circuits and I don’t think the car will work well here which is just what you live with, you know, because it has been impossible to change anything in just a week.

The team is confident, we are working well and, for sure, I think I could win the championship this season because there are issues I don’t want to discuss right now and you know it is too early to say but I think winning this season is impossible. Okay?

Arnoux Monotono was imparting no useful information whatsoever to Sniff Petrol F1 correspondent Maurice Danzer.