Shameless plugging

The Troy T-shirts are almost gone!

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It’s grey, it’s slashing with rain, it’s still necessary to wear a coat when you leave the house. Yes, the British summer time is well and truly on its way. And when the recalcitrant bastard finally arrives, what better way to herald its arrival than with a lovingly crafted DAB OF OPPO T-shirt?

No one wants to see the first glimmers of summer sunshine nor feel the first caress of a balmy summer breeze without at least one thing in their wardrobe that bears the catchphrase of everyone’s favourite motoring pseud. But you’ll have to hurry. Our T-shirt making chums at Slick Attire are rapidly selling their last batch of DAB OF OPPO shirts and once they’re gone this design will be no more. We’d almost call it a ‘limited edition’ (if we were Citroen).

You can buy a Troy Q shirt by making with some clickery here. Unless you’re more of a Carcoat Damphands fan, in which case you’ll have to buy a plain T from Gap and scrawl ‘MINTY’ on the front with a marker pen, possibly making you look like some sort of escaped lunatic.

UPDATE: That’s it, the Dab of Oppo T-shirts have now SOLD OUT. Sorry.