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Ferrari previews new hybrid tech

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Ferrari used the recent Beijing Motor Show to preview the powertrain for its forthcoming ‘F70’ hypercar incorporating a radical hybrid system known as MASSA-KERS.

The new technology has been inspired by Ferrari’s recent Formula 1 experiences and will work in league with the car’s 6.3-litre V12 petrol engine to deliver what Maranello sources say will be ‘unprecedented levels of mediocrity’.

Ferrari insiders say the innovative MASSA-KERS system will give the forthcoming Enzo replacement many unique qualities including worse than expected performance, the ability to reduce power when it detects another vehicle approaching from behind, and a system that can complain about the chassis even though other cars using the same chassis seem to be doing okay.

Sources say that in the course of a normal journey, the F70 will experience a gradual drop off in speed but that, thanks to a state-of-the-art voice recognition module, the driver can attempt to extract slightly better performance by saying encouraging things to the powertrain in a flat North Eastern accent.

Ferrari is confident that anyone who experiences MASSA-KERS will very quickly start to wonder why the company is persevering with the system and why in God’s name it doesn’t try something different.