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A well earned reward, yesterday

As you might know if you followed last week’s series of repetitive Tweets, this past weekend Sniff Petrol was acting as support crew for four friends as they attempted the epic 54 mile, 24 hour Thunderwalk challenge across the Brecon Beacons. And the good news is, THEY DID IT!

Better yet, my brave chums came home in a time of 21 hours and 35 minutes, which means that out of 50 teams taking part, they were inside the top ten (ignoring a bunch of Marines who did it in about 25 minutes and then went to sleep in a river).

Sincere thanks to all Sniff Twatteration followers who sponsored my mates in their endeavours and raised lots of well deserved money for Together For Short Lives. If you’re feeling generously inclined towards the remarkable achievements of four paunchy blokes approaching 40, you can still chip in some cash here.