Crazy Dave

Crazy Dave at the 2012 Spanish GP

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Och aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha live on tha Bee Bee and tha muddyflickin’ Cee. So las’ weekend we be gansta trippin’ Espanol side fo’ that Spanish Gee Pee and man, you jus’ don’t know where the shit gonna land this season. Fo’ no clear front runnizzles. Yea.

So come tha x3 sprint, who this be slammin’ it but ma homie P Maldo. That kid be gettin’ some good results when he be on tha soft. Not something that Crazy D be familiar wit’, know wha’am sayin’? Ain’t no one gonna be stoppin’ him ‘cept ma buddy Da Ham who go stick on tha ones and then park it like it’s hot. Fo’ inadequate fuel strategizzle.

But tha race control, they ain’t down wit’ that shit and Da Ham, he be startin’ from tha back. That puts tha boy P Mal on tha ones and that be some good shit fo’ ma big daddy F Willy. Come tha five an’ out things ain’t so gravy cuz ma boy Nando be stickin’ it through and tha P Man be down to tha twos. Things be even worse fo’ ma homie Jenny B cuz he be spendin’ tha race chattin’ ‘bout tha understeer and oversteer. Fo’ unsatisfactorily balanced chassizzle.

Ma brother Da Ham be doin’ better though cuz he cut into tha field like tha seam on Crazy D’s tighty whitey jeans cut into he’s testiclizzles. Respec’. Now Frankie W’s boys, they be takin’ a chance on stoppin’ early and hot diggety damn, P Maldiddy be holdin’ it on tha ones. Come tha three step smile ‘n’ spurt that cat be on tha ones. Hot damn. Fo’ way to celebrate Frankie’s 70th birthdizzle.

Obviously events were rather overshadowed by the subsequent fire in the Williams garage and my thoughts are with those who were injured as they showed great professionalism and bravery bringing the incident under control.