A message from Dany Bahaha

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Hello believers,

By now you will have heard news of my “suspension” from Lotus. Let me assure you that this is nothing to concern you. I decided to suspend myself from the company for reasons that I have not thought of yet. I wanted this just as I wanted to withdraw from those Indycar teams and stop paying for F1, also for reasons I cannot share with you until I have thought of them.

Sometimes, the only way you can grow a premium lifestyle optimum lifestyle upscale lifestyle brand is by looking at it from afar, such as from outside the factory gates standing next to a box of your own possessions whilst waiting for a taxi.

I have been touched by the messages of support I am certain you have sent though for some reason they have not yet reached me. Those of you with diseases, I will cure you in time. For now I need you to think positive thoughts about Lotus. I also need you to send me money. Non-sequential high denomination bills, plain envelope, the usual deal. It is not cheap to have hair that looks this good.

Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

The Reverend Sun Myung Dany Bahar