Aston Martin shows Aston Martin

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The Aston Martin, yesterday

Aston Martin has surprised the Villa d’Este concours event by revealing an Aston Martin. Officially, the Aston Martin is just a one-off but it is almost certain to become an Aston Martin in future.

The front of the Aston Martin is distinguished by an Aston Martin grille and Aston Martin headlights which blend smoothly into a powerfully bulging bonnet from an Aston Martin. At the side, the wing vents are pure Aston Martin and lead the eye to the distinctive haunches that instantly remind the onlooker of an Aston Martin. The rear aspect will be very familiar to anyone who has ever seen an Aston Martin although the rear lights are a radical departure, being taken from a different sort of Aston Martin.

Aston Martin is keeping the new Aston Martin’s interior hidden for the time being but a company spokesman insisted that a great deal of care had been put into its design and construction using two simple watchwords; ‘Aston’ and ‘Martin’.

The new Aston Martin is a concept for the time being but sources say production won’t be far off. Or noticeable.