SEAT announces some sort of car

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A SEAT of some sort, yesterday

Spanish manufacturer SEAT has this week announced a new car of some sort.

The new model, which uses a name of some kind, is a type of saloon, or maybe a hatchback, and will almost certainly boast some engines.

‘This is an exciting new blah blah blah,’ said a spokesman. ‘Typically sporty… dynamic… youthful, erm… stuff… etcetera… oh you fill in the rest,’ he added.

Based on some parts from another car, the new SEAT is expected to offer some things that other cars also have but which this car will have as well, and some of which may be slightly bigger or smaller than other cars, depending on which is better.

Athleticism, sportiness, practical, efficiency, quality, crisp. These are all words that are expected to appear in the new car’s brochure, probably in a series of sentences.

The new SEAT is expected to go on sale.