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An alternative Goodwood festival

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Last year's Festival Of Spite, yesterday

Whilst most attention is focussed on this weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, more dedicated motorsport fans will be heading to a patch of manky farmland next door for the less well-publicised Goodwood Festival of Spite.

First held three years ago, the Festival Of Spite seeks to celebrate the bitter, childish and downright unpleasant side of motor racing which is why the entire event is once again presided over by a large statue of former FIA president and spittle flecked Reactolite girl’s name twat, Jean-Marie Balestre.

Pettiness and petulance will be the main themes of the Festival with exhibits expected to include a tribute to the Ford GT40, endless footage of the 1989 Japanese Grand Prix, and a live action recreation of Fernando Alonso having a hissy fit and grassing up the McLaren team because they weren’t focussing all their attention on him.

The Festival Of Spite starts on Friday although organisers warn that, in the spirit of the event, anyone who shows interest in entering the site will be refused admission.