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Ecclestone backs Grand Prix on the moon

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The moon, yesterday

F1 boss Bernard Ecclestone has given his backing to an ambitious bid to hold a Grand Prix on the moon.

‘It would be fantastic,’ the childishly haired billionaire said. ‘Good for the moon, good for all synchronously rotating natural satellites’.

Mr Ecclestone quickly rebuffed suggestions that the logistics of holding a grand prix on the moon would be almost impossible to overcome. ‘Obviously there are some issues to deal with such as getting people there and, in some cases, getting them back again,’ the vile microperson noted, ‘But just imagine how much publicity we’re generating for a Spanish bank just by talking about this now.’

When asked if in fact he was endorsing a shallow publicity stunt to distract from the bribery allegations levelled at him, Mr Ecclestone was less forthcoming. ‘Shit! Look at that over there!’ he shouted, and then made his escape on a monorail.