Police surround car on M6 toll

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The suspect car on the M6 toll this morning, yesterday

Police have closed the M6 Toll motorway in Staffordshire after receiving a call from ‘a concerned member of the public’ suggesting that someone in the UK had bought an Infiniti.

Rapid response units closed both sides of the six lane toll road at around 8:20 this morning following reports of ‘an unfamiliar saloon car’ on the northbound carriageway. The car was quickly stopped and surrounded by police armed with CAP Black Books.

‘I can confirm that a vehicle on the M6 toll road was approached by officers from our Rapid Depreciation Unit,’ said a spokesman for West Midlands police. ‘In a situation like this our first job is to isolate the scene and make sure no one does anything foolish, such as trying to go out and buy an Infiniti themselves.’

After examining the car and questioning the driver, the attending officers were satisfied that this was a false alarm. ‘In this case, the vehicle was a dealer demonstrator,’ the police spokesman confirmed. ‘But we must always be vigilant about the possibility of someone in Britain buying an Infiniti, however implausible that may seem.’