Nissan fiddles with GT-R again

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A Nissan GT-R, yesterday. Which probably means it’s been superceded twice by now.

Just three hours after revealing details of the updated 2013 Nissan GT-R, the Japanese company has stunned its fans by announcing a new revised version of the already revised car.

The newly tweaked 2013½  GT-R boasts a revamped engine with slightly different air filter cover clips, fractionally deeper ribbing on the cam covers and a brand new oil filler cap. Elsewhere, the rear offside anti-roll bar mounting bracket has a slightly more matte finish, the glovebox release handle has been made 0.7g lighter and the sticker advising of tyre pressures has been moved up by 2mm.

Nissan promises that, taken together, these changes will deliver a 0.02 percent improvement in engine response, a 0.04 percent improvement in high-speed agility and a 12 percent increase in existing GT-R owners gathering online to work themselves into an inexplicable lather as they demand to know if the new car’s modifications can be applied to their older models.

Although it is bound to irritate current GT-R drivers even more than usual, the unexpectedly sudden introduction of the 2013½ GT-R is the result of a direct order from ‘Mr GT-R’ himself, Kazutoshi Mizuno. Sniff Petrol caught up with Rainman-san to ask what led to such a rapid revision of Nissan’s flagship. ‘Qantas. Qantas never crashed,’ he quipped. ‘Never crashed,’ he added, counting some matches.