2013 Pirelli calendar surprise

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The 2013 Pirelli calendar was officially revealed this week and it may surprise many fans with a notable change in art direction.

‘The Pirelli calendar is an icon and that means it must always encapsulate the very essence of what makes it special yet it must also evolve and grow organically with the times,’ said the calendar’s director of creativity, Tred Paton. ‘For our 2013 we considered carefully, almost solipsistically, the core values espoused by the work and how those values are communicated with a soul of integrity that speaks of art yet also of mystery and the thrill of unseen as much as that which is presented optically. It is the delight of the imagination that unpins the very heart of our 2013 masterwork and the purity of line that comes when titillation is bestowed upon the unconscious with the exhilaration of concealment and the delight of a living trompe l’oeil.’

‘For fook’s sake!’ said long time Pirelli calendar fan Terry Wilson of H&R Tyres, Salford. ‘It hasn’t got any fooking knockers in it.’