Aston investment money gone

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A stock photo of an Aston Martin badge, yesterday

There was embarrassment for investment firm Investindustrial today as it confessed that the £150m it has just put into Aston Martin has already gone.

‘We thought 150 million would go a long way,’ admitted an Investindustrial source. ‘But when we decided to go for Aston Martin we knew we wanted the contrast stitching on the seats and a carbon fibre finish for the dash and then we realised you have to pay extra for a better stereo and parking sensors and, well it all adds up doesn’t it? Now there’s no money left. Sorry.’

Nonetheless, Aston Martin itself is confident that Investindustrial’s patronage will make it easier to raise the £500m it needs for the future. There are unconfirmed reports that this money will be used to hire ex-Lotus boss Dany Bahar and then cover his expenses for three months.