Golf 7 more retro than expected

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An entry level Golf 7, yesterday

Fresh from announcing that lower-powered versions of the mk7 Golf will revert to a torsion beam rather than independent rear axle, Volkswagen has exclusively revealed to Sniff Petrol some other ways in which entry level models will have a distinctly retro feel.

‘Ja for sure, we have made savings in certain areas,’ said VW spokesman Rolf Digifant. ‘For example, Golf 7 models with an engine output of over 120PS come with clear lensed halogen headlamps with daytime running lights. But lower powered models will be distinguished by a simple pair of round headlamps and also by the strange quarterlights on their front doors. Plus, for right-hand drive markets, the windscreen wipers will be the wrong way round for some reason, though we will probably fix this at the first facelift.’

Mr Digifant went on to confirm that lower spec Golfs will also enjoy some strangely familiar touches on the inside too. ‘Highline or GT models will feature fully integrated infotainment systems and premium instrument cluster,’ he explained. ‘But on trim variants below this, the radio will be plonked in the top of the dashboard above the vents, the warning lights will be a small grid of tiny, visible bulbs and where the rev counter should be, instead there is a massive clock.’

Mr Digifant was about to outline some of the other surprisingly retro differences for lower spec mkVII models when he was unexpectedly crushed by a car falling from the ceiling.