Celebrations at Autocar

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The latest issue of Autocar, yesterday

There was excitement in Teddington this week as Autocar magazine marked 20 glorious years of publishing speculative cover stories about a new baby Jaguar.

‘It’s hard to be believe but we first started talking about a new baby Jaguar back in 1993,’ said current editor Cupp Holder. ‘Back then of course we had to rely on drawings rather than sophisticated computer renderings, but the wild guesswork is still recognisable today.’

Historians note that, since that very first new baby Jaguar story back in the early ‘90s, Autocar has run a new baby Jaguar story on average every eight to ten months, discounting a hiatus in the early 2000s when Jaguar unsportingly sucked the wind from their sails by launching an actual new baby Jaguar.

To mark two decades of strident headlines about a new baby Jaguar, Autocar will be holding a 20 Years Of New Baby Jaguar Cover Stories Festival this coming weekend with attractions including live action displays of speculative computer rendering and games for kids such as ‘spin the wheel of completely guessed prices’.

A spokesman for Jaguar wished Autocar all the best. He also confirmed that the company has no plans to launch a new baby Jaguar.