Forthcoming concept car teased

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This is the first exclusive teaser image of a brand new concept car that is set to wow crowds at the forthcoming Geneva motor show. Although the new model is officially just a one-off for now, company insiders say it gives ‘strong hints’ as to the look of a forthcoming production model.

Those who have seen the concept say it is ‘stunning’ and features a radical door arrangement that sadly won’t make it through to the showroom. It is said to be powered by a highly advanced hybrid drivetrain system though this too is unlikely for production and will be replaced by a familiar range of petrol and diesel engines.

The concept has been styled at the company’s advanced studio which is in a different country to the company’s other offices and factories. Those close to the project say it will give a good indication of the design language to be used across the company’s entire range in future.  ‘Strong, confident lines, bold surfacing and jewel-like detailing,’ noted a designer who we assume worked for this company although it’s hard to tell since they basically all say the same shit.