McLaren surprises with P1 details

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The entry-level McLaren P1, yesterday

McLaren has today released new details of its forthcoming P1 flagship and the numbers attached to the new car are quite simply mind boggling.

The first figure to get your head around is the basic price, which is £13,995 on the road. That’s for the entry level P1 L which boasts inertia reel seatbelts, a quartz clock and a push button AM/FM radio.

The next staggering statistic is the claimed 53.6mpg boasted by the P1 1.8D version with its 94bhp turbo-diesel engine.

However, the real story with this car is of course performance and the numbers that are sure to draw the headlines are a 0-60 time of just 7.9 seconds and a top speed of over 120mph, both achieved by the top-of-the-range P1 Mystique 2-litre injection, yours for just £18,795 on the road including tinted glass, velour seats and a tilting sunshine roof.

Woking sources say McLaren originally intended to build just 500 P1s in total but, after speaking to potential customers, they revised that target to 106,000 a year with attractive finance deals and a three day test drive offer.

The P1 will go on sale just in time for September’s all-important new reg number and will boast launch promotions including 0% finance on Mysterie trim level and below. See ads in your local press for details.