Shock U-turn for Car of The Year

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Not the Car of The Year, yesterday

Just hours after naming the Volkswagen Golf as 2013 European Car of The Year, the ECoTY jury has dramatically withdrawn the award on the grounds that the new VW simply ‘isn’t shit enough’.

‘I don’t know what we were thinking,’ confessed senior British juror Barry Freepens. ‘The Golf is actually very good and will continue to be a perfectly reasonable new car choice for many years to come. To give it the Car of The Year makes a mockery of the whole basis of European Car of The Year which is of course to award the title to something that is already mediocre and will have become forgettable and pointless before the year is out.’

The ECoTY jury will now cast their votes again to make sure the award goes to something dismal. While that happens a temporary 2013 European Car of The Year will be announced, most likely the Renault 9.