LaFerrari is here!

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It’s official. After many months of rumour and excitement, LaFerrari is here at and it promises unrivalled levels of absorption and freshness.

LaFerrari’s wings are extremely subtle but have been carefully developed to provide maximum location, even when playing sports. They are allied to a LaFerrari signature ultra-absorbent triple layer core and a reassuring dry weave top sheet. Taken together, these thoughtful innovations are the reason why LaFerrari promises to give busy women unmatched confidence and comfort throughout the day.

There is, however, a small problem for LaFerrari and it comes in the form of a legal objection to its name, filed by Italian pornographic actress turned politician turned pastry chef, LaFerrari.

A further complication has arisen after claims by various sources on the internet that ‘laferrari’ is already the name for a sexual practise in which one or more eggs are inserted into the anus.

There is also an absurd rumour that someone has called a top-end supercar ‘LaFerrari’ although it seems unlikely that any manufacturer would be so fucking ridiculous.