Nissan GT-R in unmodified shock

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A completely standard GT-R, yesterday

Car experts across the world were in shock today following the discovery of a British Nissan GT-R owner who hasn’t modified his car in any way whatsoever.

‘This is absolutely unprecedented,’ said Japanese car specialist Tommi Makinen-Edition. ‘The engine management is stock, the turbos are stock, the exhaust is stock, the interior is absolutely as it left the factory. It’s ridiculous. Apparently he thought the car was ‘really good’ as it is. I mean, what kind of GT-R owner is this guy?’

News of a GT-R that hasn’t been dicked around with in some way is so shocking that even Nissan itself has admitted to being baffled; ‘What seriously? He hasn’t even fitted a ridiculous personalised plate in a non-standard font?’ said a clearly stunned spokesman for the Japanese company. ‘Next you’ll be telling us he owns a GT-R but doesn’t spend all his time on the internet going on and on about how it’s faster than all Porsches and Ferraris.’