British Motor Show to return

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A motorshow, yesterday

The British Motor Show is set to return to the motoring calendar after an absence of almost five years and it will take place in a brand new location – China.

‘All new cars are unveiled in China these days,’ said event spokesman Evan Tspokesman. ‘So it makes perfect sense to hold the British Motor Show in China too, especially since it means we might see brand new models being revealed, something that hasn’t happened at a British Motor Show since 1894.’

The organisers of the new British car show (in China) promise that the re-born event will showcase the best the UK-owned car industry has to offer including a Morgan, a slightly different Morgan and another Morgan with some stickers on it.

The all-new British Motor Show is scheduled to be held this September in the Xing Pow province of China, an area notorious for high levels of noxious pollution, frequent chemical gas leaks and unprovoked attacks on civilians by state-approved law enforcement squads. As a result, organisers say it will be ‘noticeably more pleasant’ than visiting the old British Motor Show at the NEC in Birmingham.