More recall misery for Toyota

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A Toyota Avensis, yesterday

Just hours after announcing a major product action to correct an airbag fault, Toyota is to recall every single Avensis in Britain after discovering a range of problems including an overpowering smell of air freshener, a strange beaded cover effect on the driver’s seat and an electrical problem which causes the radio to get stuck on Magic FM.

‘This is very much a precautionary recall based on some potential issues our engineers noticed after a boozy night out in a provincial British town,’ explained a Toyota spokesman. ‘During this time they were able to analyse at least two high mileage examples of the Avensis and it became clear to them that a possible manufacturing fault in the gearbox could cause the car to become stuck in 5th even at inadvisably low revs whilst a tolerance issue in the steering resulted in the driver being unable to drive directly to easily located landmarks such as the Star of Bengal restaurant just behind the high street.’

The Japanese company stresses that it has received no complaints from owner/operators thus far but will use this opportunity to address not only mechanical and electrical issues but also the strange sticky patch on the back seat that a passenger could accidentally put their hand on.

‘We would ask all Avensis drivers to book an appointment at their local dealer,’ urged the Toyota spokesman. ‘Then turn up 15 minutes later than agreed because they couldn’t find the place and sit outside hooting the horn until finally someone notices they’ve arrived.’