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Shock new Red Bull signing

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The Red Bull pit wall, yesterday

The Red Bull soap opera of recent weeks is set to get even more interesting with news that the team has signed top-heavy acting stalwart Barbara Windsor as its new Director of Racing.

‘This is tremendously exciting news,’ said Ralf Gressingham, the British actor who plays Red Bull driver Mark Webber. ‘Babs is a national treasure and I can’t wait to see what she brings to role. Knowing her penchant for strong characters, there are sure to be some on-screen fireworks!’ he quipped.

The ongoing drama’s other British-born star, Tristram Duvall, who plays German racer Sebastian Vettel, is equally pleased to welcome the Cockney legend to the pit lane; ‘This is such a thrilling development,’ he gushed. ‘I think viewers have reacted in a really positive way to the darker side of Sebastian which was revealed in the last episode and it’s certainly changed his on-screen relationship with Mark so to bring Babs in now is going to make things wonderfully tense. I can’t say too much about her role at the moment but you can bet she’s going to really bang our heads together!’ he quipped.

‘Ms Windsor will be joining us very shortly and will make an explosive start when it emerges that she is not Adrian Newey’s real mother,’ a Red Bull source confirmed. ‘Duf… duf… duf dufduf dufadufa…’ he added enigmatically.