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Button attacks ‘racing’ Perez

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Jenson Button, yesterday

Jenson Button has launched a furious attack on McLaren team mate Sergio Perez after the Mexican driver repeatedly tussled with his British counterpart during yesterday’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

‘Checo’s behaviour out there was ridiculous,’ Button fumed last night. ‘Apparently he was doing something called ‘racing’ in which a driver tries to get past another driver to enable them to obtain a better finishing position and therefore score more world championship points. I’ve never heard of anything so dangerous in my life.’

Button was quick to rebuff suggestions that TV viewers might have enjoyed seeing the two McLarens in wheel-to-wheel combat on the Bahrain circuit. ‘Yea, apparently some people found it ‘entertaining’ or something,’ the British driver snapped. ‘And honestly, they’re completely missing the point of the sport. Formula 1 isn’t about two well-matched cars relentlessly overtaking each other in a tense battle of nerve and skill; Formula 1 is about carefully looking after your tyres and waiting for people with laptops to calculate a strategy for pit stops and fuel conservation.’

‘Look, I had enough of this ‘overtaking’ shit with the last guy,’ the Frome-born racer concluded in that funny voice of his that sounds like he needs to do a big cough. ‘With him gone, this season I was promised a bitch. Does anyone have a number for Felipe Massa?’