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Nigel Mansell arrested

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Nigel Mansell in the ’90s, yesterday

Jersey police today confirmed they have arrested motorsport legend Nigel Mansell and are questioning him over three allegations relating to his past.

The first matter under investigation dates back to 1995 when it is alleged that Mansell attempted to ‘force himself’ into a McLaren MP4/10 even though he was ‘far too fat’. It is also claimed that in the same year Mansell buggered off after two races and ‘completely fucked’ the McLaren team.

In a second allegation dating back to 1993, prosecutors say they want to ask Mansell about an incident in the East Midlands in which he ‘banged’ a 42-year-old man, thought to be fellow driver Tiff Needell, and then tried to deny it was anything to do with him.

The third and final allegation is more recent, dating back to 2010 when Mansell started the Le Mans 24 hour race and crashed out almost immediately leaving his own sons ‘completely shafted’.

Reporters outside St Helier police station have seen no sign of the British racing legend thus far but are confident he remains inside since they can hear a dull, insistent moaning.