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Lotus loses hashtag director

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A hashtag, yesterday

There was consternation at Lotus this week as the team announced the imminent departure of its Hashtags Director, James Unfunnie.

Unfunnie is seen by many as the man responsible for evolving the Enstone team’s Twitter presence from casual and informative to relentless and extremely irritating.  He is also credited with Lotus’s profoundly annoying habit of adopting unamusing hashtags and then appending them to their Tweets ad nauseam without realising that no one else is using them and that, as a result, they are not only smugly irritating but also utterly redundant.

Lotus is quick to admit that Unfunnie’s departure will come as a blow and that it is already looking for his replacement. ‘We will of course replace James in due course, as soon as we can find someone with no self awareness and no sense of humour whatsoever,’ confirmed a spokesman. ‘I don’t suppose you have a number for Nigel Mansell?’ he added mysteriously.