MG sales into minus numbers

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An MG6 not being sold, yesterday

There was bad news for MG this week as the latest UK registration figures showed the company’s sales have actually become a minus number.

‘This is unprecedented,’ said car sales analyst Carl Sayles-Analist. ‘It seems that last month the MG6 became so unsuccessful that the MG factory started sucking in old MGs. When you take that into account, their April sales figure was minus 17.’

A spokesman from the company’s bureau of correctional information in China was quick to rebuff suggestions that this was a problem; ‘This is exactly what we hoped for,’ he said briskly. ‘With our concerted campaign of no advertising, inept Facebook-based promotions and a mountain of money wasted on racing a BTCC car that no one has heard of, we always hoped that our sales would enter minus numbers. Now we have more MGs than when we started with. We win! No, wait…’

‘MG6? What the fuck is an MG6?’ said a man who later turned out to work for MG.