Crazy Dave

Crazy Dave reports from Spain 2013


crazyd-799988Och aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha wit’ ma shortie Suzi P and ma even shortier E-Jo. So las’ weekend we slide over Iberia side fo’ tha Spanish Gee-diddy-Pee. Yea. Traditionalizzle quite tediousizzle.

So, come tha three time fly to survive, who this be lockin’ it on tha top slots but ma buddy NiRo and ma dog hair covered homie Tha Ham rockin’ in they M to tha Bees. Man, that be a three pointed smackdown. Sebby V, Nando an’ K Raikk, they jus’ can’t compete an’ nor can Jenny B but that be because his ride be shit. Fundamental performansizzle issueizzles.

Ting is, it be a diff’rent story come tha red five that dies cuz them Benz bros be goin’ backwards. Man, it get so bad that Tha Ham be gettin’ owned by a Will.i.ams. An’ these days, that be like loosin’ tha egg an’ spoon race to tha special kid. Truth is, all dem cats be sufferin’ out there cos of that crazy bad rubber and they be makin’ more stops than Crazy D in tha Barcelona Tighty Whitey Jean Quarter. Exceptional levizzles of degredatizzle.

Pretty soon, there ain’t nuthin’ goin’ down out there and all tha audience be sucked into tha same old Espanol Hole. Zzzz zzzz zzzz zzzzizzle.

When Crazy D wake up, it be that mole-faced homie Filly M on tha threes, tha mumbly muthafunker K Raikk on tha two and tha hometown homie Nando on tha tall step. Man, that dude look like tha cat that got tha pussy. Time fo’ a privizzle celebratizzle.

Don’t forget that in less than two weeks’ time Formula 1 moves on to the legendary Monaco Grand Prix and on Sunday 26 May we will have extensive highlights of the race on BBC One and BBC One HD.