Special edition marks major 911 change

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The new 911 50 Years Edition, yesterday

There was controversy in Germany this week as Porsche launched a new 50th anniversary 911 special by highlighting various unique pieces of trim whilst apparently underplaying a rather larger piece of news – the engine has been moved to the front.

‘The 911 50 Years Edition boasts a number of special design elements such as a new road wheel inspired by the classic Fuchs alloy, chequered seat fabric reminiscent of the classic 911 interior, and exclusive badging throughout the vehicle, ’ said Porsche head of sales Hedoff Saylz at a press conference to announce the new model. ‘Also, the engine is at the front,’ he added quietly before moving briskly on to explain that the 50 Years Edition has a unique design of door mirror.

As an audible confusion rippled through the audience of reporters, Herr Saylz continued his presentation with a look at the choice of three exterior colours offered on the model before inviting questions from the floor, the first of which naturally asked for clarification of the new model’s engine position. ‘Ja, that is as I said,’ Saylz confirmed. ‘We have moved the engine to the front. But I think you are missing the big story here; the 50 Years Edition features a chrome highlight around the side windows as standard.’

Herr Saylz then rebuffed another seven questions about the relocation of the engine by delivering a lengthy lecture about the importance of the new green trimmed instruments with silver needle centre caps.

‘Ja, ja, ja, the engine is at the front,’ a Porsche PR representative confirmed to a baffled throng of journalists once the press conference was over. ‘It is a minor thing we are trying for this model and not as important as, for example, the brushed aluminium centre console trim. Everyone just calm down. Jesus, it’s not like we’ve given it electric power steering or something… oh.’