What inspired motorway moron crackdown

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A motorway, yesterday

It has been revealed today that the UK government’s newly-announced crackdown on motorway middle lane hogging came about after repeated complaints from the Ferrari F1 team.

‘We knew poor lane discipline was a real issue but we weren’t going to do anything about it,’ said a government spokesman. ‘However, that was before the Ferrari complained about it. They made such a fucking fuss over the whole matter that we’ve finally decided to do something.’

Sources say that the government was happy to ignore bad driving on multi-lane roads, perhaps even tacitly to endorse it, but that Ferrari’s unique combination of pompous whinging and an ability to make the problem seem like a personal slight drove them to go along with whatever it was the Italian team wanted.

‘Hmph. At least it’s not just us then,’ said a Pirelli spokesman, gloomily.