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2013 Canadian GP preview

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Clammy Portuguese fact stranger Werke Esperiense looks forwards to this weekend’s race.


The Montreal track is named after Canada’s best racing driver, Gillies Villeneuve. In honour of his son, Jacques, the karting track next door is called Circuit du Annoyinge Twat.

Perhaps the most famous feature of the track is the so-called ‘Wall Of Champions’ which has punished many drivers over the years. Less well known is the nearby ‘Wall Of Champignons’ which causes any driver who hits it to become covered in mushrooms.

One driver who isn’t worried about the risk of hitting the wall at Montreal is Romain Grosjean. ‘Too easy!’ the French driver quips.

Montreal is famously tough on brakes. It requires them to be at home by 10pm, even at weekends.

This track is unique on the F1 calendar for using no gravel traps. Instead, in areas where cars may fly off the track, their progress is arrested by a thick layer of maple syrup.

One driver who doesn’t like visiting Canada is Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel. ‘I just don’t like pleasant people,’ the German driver quips.

The Canadian lap record is held by Rubens Barichello. It was set accidentally while he was trying to escape from Michael Schumacher.