Newly wed Tamara Ecclestone returns to work

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Tamara Ecclestone prepares another tray of sausage rolls, yesterday

Just days after her three-day-long wedding party on the French Riviera, Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter Tamara has today returned to her regular job at Greggs in Batley.

‘Oh aye, she were back in this morning,’ confirmed colleague Tina Hegginbotham. ‘Got a bit of a tan and that but otherwise just the same old Tammy.’

Despite her recent £12m nuptials, workmates confirmed that Ms. Ecclestone is still ‘dead normal’ and had ‘a jumbo sausage roll for her dinner.’

Sources say Ms. Ecclestone has worked at the West Yorkshire pie shop for over two years now and is popular with both colleagues and customers.

‘Everyone likes Tam,’ confirmed local pastry enthusiast Lee Headley. ‘She’s a cracking lass. Got a smile for everyone, always joking about how her Jimmy Choos are pinching her feet or how her dad’s gonna get Elton John to play her party or summat. Yea, she’s dead down to earth. Serves a bloody good pasty too. You certainly wouldn’t find anyone in Batley who’d call her a vacuous, vulgar, grapefruit-titted waste of haemoglobin with a face like a fairground gypsy.’