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2013 Hungarian GP preview

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Unpaid information stranger Wurke Esperiense looks forward to this weekend’s Grand Prix.

The owners of the Hungaroring wanted to name a corner in honour of Nigel Mansell. Hence turn 4 is officially called The Moaning Twat.

One driver who isn’t sure about this weekend’s race is Marussia’s Max Chilton; ‘I don’t know where Humgry is!’ he quips.

Jenson Button scored his first F1 victory in Hungary, driving the 2006 Honda RA106. As a result, one of the corners at the track was temporarily renamed Basszameg, Nem Gondoltam, Hogy Az or Fucking Hell, I Didn’t Expect That.

One driver who isn’t looking forward to the Hungarian race is Marussia’s Max Chilton; ‘I don’t like onion rings!’ he quips.

Spare a thought for Zsolt Baumgartner, the only Hungarian ever to take part in F1. He left the sport after everyone kept laughing at his name but in his homeland things are even worse because it literally translates as Zsolt Anusenthusiast.

One driver who isn’t in the running for points this weekend is Marussia’s Max Chilton; ‘I just saw a doggy!’ he quips. ‘It was brown. Wait, are these my hands?’

This weekend’s race will be Adrian Sutil’s 100th F1 start. Expect plastic glasses to be raised in celebration.