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2013 Belgian GP fact-o-fart

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Belgium, yesterday

Sniff Petrol’s unpaid information hole Wurke Esperiense dispenses some drivel about this weekend’s race.

Spa’s famous Eau Rouge corner literally translates as ‘red water’ and is named after the wine a local restaurant gives to tourists.

The kerbs at Spa are kind to the cars, firstly because they are low and secondly because they are made of thick, delicious dough.

One driver looking forward to the Belgian GP is Heikki Kovalainen who has been promised some free practise time in the Caterham. However, he is expected to complete just a few laps since he is the only F1 driver who pays for his own petrol.

Famous Belgian F1 drivers include Jacky Ickx, Thierry Boutsen, Bertrand Gachot and Nigel van der Mansell.

The best known corners at Spa are usually referred to by shortened versions of their names. In full they are Les Combes Avec Mayonnaise, Rivage a Mayonnaise and La Source du Mayonnaise.

Spa is a very fast track and drivers are typically on full throttle for over 70 percent of a lap, apart from Felipe Massa who might use the accelerator a little bit if Rob Smedley tells him to.

As a track, Spa is beloved, charismatic and exciting. It is therefore the exact opposite of Bernie Ecclestone which might explain why he’s always moaning about it.