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2013 Korean Grand Prix preview

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Irritating Portuguese truth stranger Wurke Esperiense dispenses some useless information about this weekend’s Grand Prix.

Locally, the Yeongam track is known as ‘nongjang eulo sayong’ which translates as ‘the place where my farm used to be’.

Celebrity Korean F1 fans expected at Sunday’s race include ‘Gangnam Style’ chart topper Psy whose recent releases include ‘Gangnam Style 2’, ‘Gangnam Style Again’, ‘Even More Gangnam Style’ and ‘Help, An Evil Corporation Is Making Me Do This (Wup Wup Gangnam Style)’.

With seating for 130,000 local F1 fans, the Yeongam track has 129,993 too many seats.

As part of his penalty for perching on Fernando Alonso’s sidepod at the end of the last race, Mark Webber not only receives a 10 place grid penalty in Korea but is also forbidden from sitting down for the entire weekend.

The Yeongam track gets so little use between F1 races that earlier this week several of the corners had to be cleared of trees, houses and a mountain.

In a bid to win an ongoing propaganda war against the south, North Korea will be staging its own Grand Prix this weekend. The winner will be Kim Jong Un. Second place will be taken by the only other competitor, Luca Badoer who was kidnapped by the North Koreans over two years ago, although nobody seems to have noticed.