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2013 Japanese GP preview

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Useless sardine-crazed untruth enthusiast Wurke Esperiense looks forward to this weekend’s race.

Japan, yesterday

Suzuka’s famous ferris wheel was rebuilt by Honda in the late 1990s. As a result, it now has a high rpm VTEC setting described by those who have experienced it as ‘AAAAAAAHHHHHHH’.

The famous Spoon curve is named after the Mie Prefecture’s biggest manufacturing export. Along similar lines, other notable points on the track include Fork corner, Knife bend and the Heavy Industrial Fish Guts Processing chicane.

Few realise that the famous 130R curve is actually named after the Skoda 130 Rapid, the racy coupe version of the Estelle saloon.

Suzuka is famous for earth shattering incidents such as the accidents involving Senna and Prost in 1989 and 1990, and the 1995 collision between Taki Inoue and a small shed used to store rakes, although this occurred after the race when he was trying to drive a rented Honda Civic out of the paddock. Over 230 people were injured.

Rather than clapping and cheering, Japanese F1 crowds show appreciation for their favourite driver by going into their offices as normal the next day and working extra hard.

One driver always greeted with smiles in Japan is Jenson Button, not because he has a Japanese girlfriend but because his name literally translates as ‘penile excursion’.