Christ to step down

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Jesus Christ, yesterday

Jesus Christ has reluctantly announced that he is to ‘step down’ from his role in the Christian church.

In a statement, the church confirmed that Mr Christ is ‘no longer involved in being the spiritual figurehead of the organisation’.

However, the decision to oust Mr Christ from the church has puzzled many religion experts; ‘Unless I’ve missed something, Christ is pretty much the whole basis of the Christian church,’ noted Jesus expert Reverend John Counter. ‘Without him it’s just a load of draughty buildings and some bits of wood nailed together,’ Rev Counter added.

Mr Christ’s sudden departure comes just days after news that Charles Morgan is no longer part of the company that bears his name, a development that immediately saw former Lotus boss Dany Bahaha dusting off his CV.

‘Morgan?’ Mr Bahaha said, sounding perplexed. ‘What are you talking about? I’m applying for the job of Jesus.’