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2013 Indian GP factgasm

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A normal day in India, yesterday
A normal day in India, yesterday

Sardine-crazed serial fibber Wurke Esperiense looks forward to this weekend’s race.

The Buddh International track was designed by Hermann Tilke to a specific brief from Bernie Ecclestone which was, “make me richer”.

One F1 star who always enjoys the Indian Grand Prix is driver-turned-pundit Karun Chandhok who says the rolling landscape around the track reminds him of his homeland of Wales.

The Indian Grand Prix has one of the fastest straights in the calendar, one of the longest pit lanes, and one of the biggest opportunities for F1 TV producers to put together pre-race VT packages in which their presenters dress up in brightly coloured clothes to do something idiotic and slightly patronising.

The Indian GP is the local race for Force India who are based in the nearby region of Northamptonshire.

Last year’s Indian race was won by Sebastian Vettel. Second place was taken by two men on a moped carrying a wardrobe.

The most challenging part of the track is the Turn 10, 11 and 12 sequence where the drivers must turn in hard and then take part in an inexplicable 200-strong dance routine which, at about the halfway mark, suddenly takes place on a mountain and then in a forest.