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Shock new F1 poverty study

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The unidentified poverty-stricken driver, yesterday
The unidentified poverty-stricken driver, yesterday

A shocking new report released today by the European Economic Institute Of Europe claims that at least one in every 22 Formula 1 drivers is currently living in poverty.

The report is based on a case study of a Scandinavian driver who, according to EEIOE analysts, has not earned any money all year and yet is forced to keep working in the hope that he will eventually receive a pay cheque. The driver is anonymous and throughout the report is referred to only as ‘Kimi’.

‘We were alarmed at the level of poverty ‘Kimi’ endures,’ noted EEIOE’s Head of Research, Ed Ovresearch. ‘During the course of our study we discovered that he has had to sell at least two of his speedboats, take extra passengers on his private jet and desperately glug the dregs from bottles of free Champagne in public.’

‘What is particularly sad about this is that our subject has a great deal of talent yet no money,’ Ovresearch continued. ‘This makes him the exact opposite of another driver in our survey who we refer to only as ‘Max’.’