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Those rejected F1 rule changes in full

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Some F1, yesterday
Some F1, yesterday

The FIA has announced details of rule changes for the 2014 F1 season including fixed numbers for drivers throughout their careers, a new five second race penalty and double championship points awarded in the season’s final race. However, whilst these new rules have been accepted by teams and drivers, many proposed changes were rejected. Here are the new rules that will NOT be adopted next season:

– Loud music played in heavily branded room to cover stilted conversations amongst top three finishers.

– Post-race watches limited to diameter of no more than 60 centimetres.

– One championship point deducted every time a driver uses the words ‘for sure’ in a TV interview.

– Five championship points for any driver who passes Maldonado without sustaining bodywork damage.

– Stefano Domenicali limited to 100 TV appearances per race weekend.

– Christian Horner banned from starting the answer to any question by saying ‘Yea no’.

– Raikkonen awarded one point for every time he manages to construct and complete a sentence.

– Jenson Button to clear his throat.

– Drivers permitted to have sponsors’ logos tattooed onto face and tongue.

– Racing to take place on interesting tracks that allow overtaking.