Exclusive! Lambo names Gallardo replacement

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The new Gallardo, yesterday
The new Gallardo, yesterday

After months of speculation over the name of Lamborghini’s forthcoming Gallardo replacement, Sniff Petrol can exclusively reveal that the new car will be called Bob.

‘We considered many things,’ revealed an anonymous Sant’Agata insider. ‘Other candidates includes Mnamnophilopilopis, which is the Greek god of restricted visibility, and Psetsiotypiosatia, which is a type of mould found on the underneath of bulls. But these names were too hard to pronounce and we have instead sold them to Pagani. The Gallardo replacement is Lamborghini’s most accessible model and it must have an accessible name. That is why we have decided to call it Bob.’

The Lamborghini Bob will be revealed in March and by June it should be in a YouTube video being driven by a 24 year old, roaring about a British city centre and then crashing into a lamp post.