Peugeot 308 voted eCotY

An Peugeot 308, yesterday

The Peugeot 308 has been voted as the 2014 European Car of the Year by an impartial, pan-continental panel of car journalists.

‘Ze 308 was plainly ze best car,’ noted one of Germany’s eCotY representatives, Hans Boulanger-Pamplemouse. ‘Aussi, it ‘as plenty of room for everyday activities such as shrugging and ‘aving an affair,’ he added mysteriously.

Peugeot’s Golf rival also received a ringing endorsement from Italy. ‘Ze 308 is, ‘ow you say, superbe!’ said chief judge Giancarlo Oiseau-Marseillaise. ‘Are you going to finish zat garlic éclair or what?’ he added mysteriously.

The surprisingly enthusiastic German and Italian view was even echoed by British eCotY jurors. ‘Nous avons adoré la Peugeot 308,’ said chief judge Nigel Babineau-Malheureusement. ‘Ohreeohreeohrrr,’ he added mysteriously.

Despite the emphatic approval of the international judges, the 308’s victory is already mired in controversy after an eCotY insider claimed the voting room ‘smelled of cigarettes, strong cheese and socialism.’